Grading Chart

The New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries has recommended that no claims such as “Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA), “Total Peroxide Activity (TPA), Peroxide Activity (PA), Total Activity (TA) and Active, should be removed from labels and advertising. See NZ Labeling Guidelines. This recommendation falls inline with EU legislation, which protects UK consumers from misleading claims. 

A number of trademarks and brands have decided to challenge the guidelines and along with it, EU law. As a result they have developed a comparison chart, which compares the Methylglyoxal compound rating to the NPA / UMF rating. To outsiders this might seem like unnecessary duplication, however a number of brands and trademarks owners rely solely on the old style rate card, to market their range. 

According to UK and EU law (UK Labeling Guide), it should only be the individual compound level, which can be displayed on the label, for example 300+ mg/kg Methylglyoxal.  

The comparison chart shown below was developed to benefit the brands who wish to continue to market their products using the old style data.